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wait where can i get the full game if this is a demo?

they are working on the full game as we speak


who made the art of the game? please

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Mikey is our lead artist!

ive found nosehouse and dallas

Just got a notification that this game just updated but its still 0.12.1 what changed?

The game has not been updated yet

If they update the Devlog/do a new post it shows updated on the count/page, too. So I am guessing it was that.


I had such a good time playing this game! Wish to see more in the future! (Atlas is just sooo pure...!)


I just loooove what I have seen so far!! The art is stellar, the concept is stellar, and the cryptids are just my vibe. I do just hope we get a female romanceable option. 


Can we really not date Madhouse? He seems really nice even if he tried to take your body as a vessel in all but the pasts in the past. He is a really fun character I definitely can't wait to see more of him even if we can't date him and all. This game is amazing so far love everything about it!


Mike will be a romamce option! He's just not one of the frontrunners like Atlas

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My day has gotten better and somehow even with this game being the best ever it gets even better then the best. Thanks for responding!

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AH! YAY! thank you T-T (I got a bit of green goo stuck to my heart after he hugged me so I was wondering that too and Im so happy to hear this)


just to be clear this is the demo which can be played for free? I don't mind paying for the whole thing and it looks great, it just ya know a full one is fine and sounds great and I like the artwork.

The demo is free, yes!

I'm using the desktop app and I can't install the game, non of the download options are available on the dropdown menu [windows 10, pc.]

We'd recommend using the site, and if you have an android device, to use that as an alternative download option instead

Oh dios! Donde estaba esto toda mi vida?!💜💜💜

The "crunch" at the end... 0 _ 0

Hey, I'm on a MacBook (IOS 11.1) and it's not letting me download the game, saying that it's not a valid download file. Does anyone have a solution, or do I just have to wait until the game is updated to be compatible with the new IOS?

It should be compatible, so maybe try adjusting your settings? Here's a IOS support link that may help, hopefully.


why is that even if I pick I'm a dude the mc is still the same lady? Is that a glitch or something?

I suspect that the main character is intended to remain the same, but you are choosing the pronouns that they prefer.


oh.... I can't get very immersed like that ^^"


That's a shame.  You are missing out on a ton of great games where the main character isn't a guy, like Horizon Zero Dawn, Hellblade, Tomb Raider, Celeste, Half-Life: Alyx, RE 2 and 3, Metroid...

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Huh? What are you talking about? I was talking about a vn in which I set my character as male and give him my name but turns out to be a lady, if i play tomb raider I'm obviously expecting to play as Lara and not as me lol


My bad, dude.  I misunderstood your comment. Based on your wording, it sounded like you couldn't be immersed in a game if you weren't able to play a guy.  My apologies.

Hey!  I just played through this last night on my Twitch stream and we had a lot of fun.

Just a heads up, there are a couple of the main characters lines that are long enough that they continue to the next screen, and it blips away before you can read it.  Going back doesn't really help.

There are also a couple of instances where it says the character is speaking, but it should be the narrator, and visa versa.

Otherwise, the game is a lot of fun.  The character designs are amazing and adorable, and I can't wait to play more.

This demo was a blast, the character interaction dialogue was so fun to read and didn't come of cheesy at all which was a nice surprise. The gameplay is also more then the generic reading gameplay with the addition of some turn based combat it was a real fun time to play through. Overall prob one of the best visual novels ive played gameplay wise and stylistically 

I like this game, the characters are drawn so cutely and I love them already~

Though I have some problems with the game, I don't know what's the current health of the boss and how does the dice roll mechanic work?


Super loved this game! The art and characters were amazing! I especially like that you can choose your own pronouns, but it did confuse me a bit when I saw the character and heard their voice. Another thing was that I am still unsure how to reroll the dice, if you can. I pressed Enter as instructed but it did nothing but continue the text. Overall, the game was amazing and I can't wait to see more!! Super excited for the new werewolf character!!


The only complaint I have is that you let me choose my pronouns and name but not the MC art or there voice. It throws me off and makes me uncomfortable. I think I would rather either a choice between a few MCs or even a blank MC. Aside from that the art is really nice and it seems well written for as far as I got in it. For now though it's not for me but I'll keep an eye on the project and try again later.


I Just Made an Acc to write for this. I adore the Artstyle and Characters soo much. Cant wait for the Rest of the Game!!! And Madhouse is bby. *COUGH*


I love this already, especially Madhouse. I can't wait for more. From the looks of it though, Madhouse doesn't seem to be one of the crushes. Either way, I'm going to enjoy every one of his scenes.


didn't finish playing it, but I can tell it's going to be AMAZING, Atlas is one of my favorite characters already!

Feels like I got a lot from this early build. Other VNs have a slower roll-out but an hour in CC and you already have a good idea about multiple characters, the dynamic between them.. the only thing really missing for me was the curse of the player's character... 

Looking forward to future builds & the combat. I hope we can fire things up with Jamie. :)

Is Jamie a male or a female?, can't say with that body... If they were a male "he" would definitely look hot.


Jamie doesn't have a set gender, but they don't really mind how they're perceived!

Will this VN have NSFW?


No, Cryptid Crush will not have NSFW content

Oh, ok. 

The art is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really into the dice rolling and soon-to-be combat elements! It's really fun and unique!


i dont have a winzip acc

This is an absolutely wonderful game! I can't wait to see how the combat system will turn out, but I loved how you just threw us right into the story, and yet managed to develop the characters so well! I mean, I actually felt bad for Mike, even considering what he had done moments prior. I look forwards to future updates.


Hi, I would love to translate your demo for free, if you are interested please text me to my Discord: Kuri Videos#4398

I like it, also it gives me mad S.U vibes


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uh i don't think that's heathy


Overall this is definitely a really good demo. The art style is really great, the character design is top tier, and the voices really suit the characters. My only real complaint is that it would've been better if you'd fully implemented the battle instead of just cutting to the aftermath and told us to just imagine an epic fight scene. You know, show don't tell.

I really liked the demo. So far all the characters are quite enjoyable and have unique personalities. The visuals, the special effects and also the subtle voice acting make this story so much more captivating to read. Definitely curious to know how the MC met Atlas when they first moved into Longhope; guess the full version might answer that!


Omg Atlas Moth is best Moth. 


Everything about the demo was absolutely amazing =^-^=
I loved the artwork, the music and I really loved the story so far! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! :3

Only seven hours after launch, a d all this love for the game. Can't wait to see it for myself


Haven't found a better place to post this, so apologies if this is misplaced.  Unable to download PC Demo version, getting error listed below:

Hi! So we looked a little into it, and it seems to be a problem with, so we'd recommend either trying again or contacting support

Will do!  Thank you for the quick response!

I am still crying.

This is adorable! I love all the characters and art and music and voice acting! Amazing job!


neat game


Gosh, I've only played for a few minutes and I'm thoroughly charmed! Can't wait to sink my teeth in.

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