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Cryptid Crush is a TTRPG inspired  Monster Visual Novel with eldritch elements!

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Haunted. Cursed. Single.

You arrive in the seaside town of Longhope surrounded by monsters of urban myth- including your Mothman best friend, Atlas, and Jamie, the wingless Jersey Devil. Test your luck in love and life as you form bonds with the denizens (living, dead, and demonic) of Longhope.

Cryptid Crush will feature at least FIVE monster singles, and will receive updates with new content every few months!

Major thanks to our playtesters, friends and folk heroes like you!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Nov 20, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(361 total ratings)
AuthorDrowsy Drake Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withRen'Py
Tagscryptid, Dating Sim, Furry, LGBT, Monsters, Narrative, Ren'Py, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Website, YouTube


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I'm in the very beginning with the mothman, and I'm doing the questions, and when he asks me what kind of cryptid I'd want to be, it crashes when I select anything. I'm on Android by the way.

was there an update?

Yes! We had an update on the 31st of October!

:0 this looks so freakin awsome i love the intro to chapter 1


I Love Atlas So Much <3


Ferries have taken over itch


So are these Transformers disguised as passenger transporting boats? Or are ferries being used to transport an army? Rogue AI at the New York Port Authority hacking into the main frame?

  How EXACTLY can ferries seize control of a company that hosts game development?

 Are they invading the rented offices that Itch has as its legal address? Are they hacking the mainframes that Itch is hosted on? Did they purchase voting stock in the company creating a voting block comprised of more than 50% of the shares?


True, boats are overrated as heck

(1 edit)

How do I change dice, I changed to Jackalopes Fate and kinda hate everything being a coin flip, but I cant even have the default after starting a new save.

And going through the fight again I literally rolled 10 fails in a row

(1 edit)

You can change it through Atticus in chapter select! Through changing gameplay aspects

Thank you, I would suggest "Start" be renamed then. In just about everything else that would essentially be a "Start new game" button, and I dont think I would have ever clicked on it after I already had saves to load

loving the game so far (just started chapter 1), but i wanted to point out something i noticed.

after defeating madhouse, you can choose to equip new dice, but that doesn't seem like a choice.

we are presented with a list of names and, the moment we click on one, we automatically equip and then find out the stats of the item.

is that how it is supposed to work or is it an issue? either way, i found it odd.


I adore this game so far, it has an amazing sense of humor and all of the characters feel alive and not just like a plot piece. i can't wait for the next update! 


HOLY SHIT! this is the BEST game I’ve ever played by far!!!! I absolutely love the characters Designs and story!!! 200/10 would recommended!!!


im playing it on my android phone through mitch and the issue i encounter is,every time i open the menu, i cant go back to the game! :(

is it me? the android version? mitch?

I also don’t know how to leave the menu.

good it's not just me then 😅

i basically access the menu only when i want to save and quit. lol.

My workaround was to save, then immediately load the same save.

thats smart 😮

As someone who has like no interest in 90% of the things this game is about, this is one of the best things I've ever seen/played.


The newest chapter was absolutely wonderful. I was happy to see this fun world expand and take a look at all the new character designs! More exploration of the battle system was nice as well. The only thing I can really note for feedback is that the cuts between some of the new scenes felt a little jarring. ^^

I came because of Gianni and the Mothmen but having just completed what's playable I gotta say I am very much in love with this VN. Looking forward to new updates.

hey there are people using your images and websites lay out to hack and steal people discords accounts

we are aware and trying to handle it!


i wanted to report an issue i've been having while playing the new chapter. I don't know if the problem is with the way i dowloaded it or the way i opoen or close the game, but every time i tturn it up my charater loses all the customization i put on. also, the firsts times i opened the game the window was at the right size, but then it shrinked for some reason.

Are you changing the appearance through chapter select or were your settings set in the previous version?

at first i was using my previous save states and my character was the same as before, but then the game started to erase my customization and stats. when that happened i would start the game and redo my hole customizationand go back to the save state and it would all be fine. now everytime i press  start the game acts like it's the first time and don't even take me to chapter select or anything. also the puts up a grey screen with a bunch of codes claiming that something happened.


There was an oversight in the previous version that would cause that bug! If you can play through the character creator to the end, you should be able to resolve the bug and restart the game. It will save your settings

New chapter was so good, i really enjoyed it, artwork, voiceacting, the game mechanics itself. Now its one of my favourite novels

yess I have been waiting for this for so long thank you Drowsy Drake

Incredible system with fantastic artwork and writing, so much heart and style poured into this project. I am so happy to support this project and continue to support its future releases.

Very interesting, clearly a LOT of work went into the battle system, this must be why not that much story has been yet, I'd presume?  Was really funny the fake fight, the way it was done.  Poor guy... Unfurtunatly I'm partial to his kind ^^;.  While there may still be some work needing to be done, it is all done very cleverly, combining the human and cryptid personalities for the Cryptids, making a unique blend.  Anything further to mention by me would be nitpicking or bringing issue where it doesn't have to matter.  Very curious to what more is planned, and funny that I only thought of now to try it.


mothmothmothmothmoth need more moth

Just finished on Android and the game is really cool! I really love all the characters, music, art! I just had a little trouble with the combat system but after understanding everything is fine! I can't wait to see the whole game, thanks for making this gem! and continue like this 

Love the voice acting, an the cryptid characters I have met so far. I can't wait to dive in even further and meet the other characters in game and to see how this dating sim unfolds~

"Lorem Ipsum" <- What is this font?


*gives the creator a cookie* You deserve it! This is now my second most favorite renpy game! 

I wanna buy this so badly, but I don't think my parents would let me get a dating sim </3. I'm sorry mothman... one day...

oh wait... i could just get it for free? i'll at least try and see if i can donate for a great caus

finished the game... WHY DIDN'T END UP MAKING OUT WITH MOTHMAN!?!?!?!?!?

madhouse my beloved <3

Iss thiss game NSFW ?


Cryptid Crush is sstrictly SFW!

let me know dude or dudette when there is more

Is there sex scences ?


No, Cryptid Crush is a Game for Good Ghosts and Ghouls


I really love this game ! The graphic, the dialogues... everything is gold !! Buuuut i did another run with another main character and got stuck against madhouse. I'm on the second part of the fight. Is there any solution, like a guide or something ?

There will be a bit more of an ingame guide in the coming updated but a good strategy for survival is Taro using Tuna defender to tank damage and then making sure she stays healed up enough to tank hits

Rerolls are best used defensively. You can always redo a missed attack later, but a devestating AoE might be a different story

Thank you so much ! i managed to pass it now ^^ I really like this game and im glad we'll get a more in depth guide in the upcoming updates, thanks again for all your work ! :)

Cryptid Crush was an absolute treat to play 💕

I loved the voice acting and art style of this game. The combat, dice rolls, and karma system was incredibly fun as well.

Also, needless to say, Jamie's got my heart the moment I first laid eyes on them ❤️

Quick question: any possibility more casting calls will be made? Just curious •,•

OST slaps ngl

Art is awesome, loving the mechanics! Definitely will stay for the updates


Loved the character designs! Atlas, Mike, and Oz looked impeccable I thought Jamie's was the least appealing to me, but I tend to like characters that could withstand some cold weather.


It was very fun but one complaint I have is no skin colour options in the character creato


I loved this game so much! the combat system was one of the most fun ive ever used in a game, it felt super satisfying to roll high and succeed, atlas was absolutely adorable as was everyone, the story was immensely compelling and emotional, im very exited for chapter 2, keep up the amazing work!

Yeah everyone seems to love atlas including me.

Though I love moth bois                              we gotta not oversaturat the moth boy market

Hi uh, I have a problem with the character creation thing randomizing the appearance of Robyn after I open the game again even when I set it manually

That is a known issue that will be resolved in the coming update hopefully

Anyone know the average play time of this with all the current content?


Around 1-2 hours!

very fun so far! Excited to continue!

The art of this game is so good! all the characters are amazing, can't wait to see the next update! :D

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