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Dino Nite is a short, early prototype visual novel concept involving inter-dimensional dinosaurs,  a museum of natural history and a lone security guard just trying to get through the night shift.


Heya I hope you all are well!
It was the first Visual Novel I've ever taken a shot at creating.
We're a two party team and made Dinonite as a way to prepare for a much larger project.

I will come back to this world of dinosaur dimensional jumping but it's going to take more time.

Thank you so much for  reading.

In the meantime- Here's some concept art! Zygriza

Dallas Art Overhaul
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Jun 13, 2020
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(189 total ratings)
AuthorDrowsy Drake Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Dinosaurs, Furry, Narrative
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Dino Nite Android.apk 111 MB
Dino Nite Linux.bz2 99 MB
Dino Nite Mac.zip 93 MB
Dino Nite PC.zip 110 MB

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Solo quiero preguntar si está en español para poder disfrutar la historia


Aww... I wish this game is still being worked on. I've enjoyed the story and the cast so far. There's not too many VNs centering around dinosaurs I think :(


how do i get further than the museum

i really enjoy this short game. cant wait to see more of the story

Is this game still being worked on?


Hello, I know that you are busy with the game cryptic rush but I see a "NOV UPDATE" and I'd like to know if it's outdated or if you are planning on continuing this title. Please inform us


You make me realize that feathered dinos are cool!


I really hope this story is updated someday. If chapter 1 poster is suggesting what I think it is suggesting, then I would really be looking forwards to protagonist reaction of somehow be an anthro fluffy/feathery green dino. (>///w///<)




Wait, so are you saying this is completely scrapped, or you'll work on it once you're done with Cryptic Crush? I don't want to be pushy, but I would love a full version of this! Thanks for the demo!

I'm dying rn for a full game-


i would absolutely KILL just for the full game, i love this so much <3


This demo is extremely charming! The designs are great and I'd love to know more about this mysterious world you've set up if you ever revisit this concept. Looking forward to seeing what else this team has put out!


Will there be any updates soon?


This game isn't currently in development as we're working on Cryptid Crush for the foreseeable future!


dinos are cuter and sexer make more of this plz


I made a translation of this game. Wow. I feel empty. It's a short story, but I really liked it. It is a pity that you will not continue this project. I've become very attached to the characters, and naturally, the happy ending is my favorite. Thank you for your creativity. It was very nice to translate and immerse yourself in this world of dinosaurs from another world. Thanks. And now I think I'm going to cry that there will be no continuation with Dallas and Owen.

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Hello! I want to translate this game into Russian and put it on a russian site for visual novels(https://anivisual.net/). Do you allow this to be done, with attribution and links to your accounts, including patreon?

You're free to translate it with attribution!


A quick question; Is there a general time planned for further development of this particular game? I was wondering, mainly because I found this game, as short as it as right now, very interesting and unique in a lot of ways. I'm looking forward to seeing more once development continues. 


Wow been over a full year since the last update, either this game is on a really long hiatus or is dead in the water


This game isn't currently in development as we're working on Cryptid Crush!


I'll wait for this to be completed the sprites are cute and I'm already in love with a specific dragon boi


Where is the full game?


This game isn't currently in development as we're working on Cryptid Crush currently!


hey i'm having trouble finding the actual game.can somebody help me find the game in the files


This game have s3x sence?



That's what I'm wondering


I love it so far..I hope to see an update one day. Dino + vn = amazing <3 But yea nice choice in colors and art style.


Okay, while I’m writing I have the game open and I’m just getting started, and I’m very happy to hear a music similar to that of kahoot


I can't help but just smile while I played through all the scenario's, what a great idea! 

Will eagerly wait for updates on this while I check out your other works!  


Did this VN have a discord?


No, but if your interested in our current project Cryptid Crush, that DOES have a discord right here: https://discord.gg/3NAJE8NeVg


is this vn still alive or...


We're currently working on Cryptid Crush! As stated in the game's description, we'll come back to Dino Nite once we get more time!


RIP Burrito


I hope this is still being worked on. Or at least expanded into a full fledged visual novel


Thisis amazing, I loved it

Deleted post
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I still haven't played this VN, but I'm going to assume it's the following:

"They/them" can be used when you don't know the gender of the person you're talking about.
For example, if I were to tell my friend about your comment and my reply, I'd say "So, there was this user in itch.io with a question. [They] didn't know about the gender neutral use of "they", so I explained it to [them]".

So, in this case, [They] is singular, but genderless.

Deleted post

¡¡¡Es súper bueno!!!! Espero que continúen haciéndolo. Esta bien hecho!! 


Can this please get an update cause the story line your going for is so good


honestly i would not be surprised if the first chapter never comes out at this point, i would be fine with the wait time if the developer posted frequent dev logs to tell people how much progress has been made but it has been over 4 months since it was posted so i have very little faith that we will ever get an update


Wait is that it? How is this game 111mb when theres barely anything to it? Also is the first chapter going to come out ever? Considering its been 100 days since the last update it seems? The style is really cute but theres just nothing here

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jeez dud its free, let the author/developer take his time dud


I mean, the game is just increadibly bare bones right now. I expected more than just a prologue based on the file size. Ofc they can work at their own pace, I was just annoyed because what I saw so far was interesting but theres really nothing there other than a premise and thats diappointing.


yea ik lets just wait k? :>


That's why it's called an early prototype???

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Seriously, who was the person from the end of the episode? He's so... Charming, i hope there is a love route for him.


so is this game still being developed? because on the patreon page there are only two posts about the game the last one being around a month ago talking about chapter 1 and then there is the original release which was three months ago so either you are just working on more than just chapter one or this game is dead


There will be more than just one chapter, so we ask you to just "stay tuned"


Hello I really like your game especially since I'm a fan of dinosaurs is there anyway I can get in more contact like Twitter, Discord or any of those just curious 😁?


You can follow us for more on our Twitter! https://twitter.com/CryptidCrush 


I love it so much! I laughed a lot with the big dinosaur (sorry, I forgot their names already) I need more! Hahahahaha

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Hi, hi, the demo is quite short, but I'm loving what I have played so far. It's intriguing and I'm curious to know more. I wonder how many dinosaur characters are we going to see later and what's with the mob-boss like dino. I hope it's still being worked on! I think there's not many VNs that featuring dinosaurs and I like dinosaurs!

And... these two duo... are they supposedly a Raptor and a T-rex? For thieves they seem to be hilariously amateurish XD

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