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I love this game sm! The art is really nice to look at and the colors aren't eye burning and soft, also is there any chance their might be more character personalization options like hair,skintone, clothes etc. in the future?

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This game is absolutely amazing so far! The characters, the visuals, the rpg elements and battle mechanic, the audio; all of it is breath-taking! I'd love to be able to make a game like this myself someday.

Madhouse Mike is definitely the character I'm most attached to. The scene where he was crying and hugging us was so heart-wrenching that I felt like crying myself. The fight against him was awesome too!

My only advice really is to check the dialogue; there's some mistakes there. There's also that bug where when you save and load back into the save file later, your appearance is set back to default, but you're already aware of that and working to resolve it. Other than that though, great game!

Atlas reminds me so much of Kel from OMORI, making him the best character in my eyes.


You guys don't happen to be at all related to Juicy Drake Studios do you? If so this is already looks better than Identity

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Atlas is the best and he is now my baby


Atlas is amazing

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Im going to just- die for this game. THE ART AND PLOT ARE SO IVBUYBEVREBCYBDSYC- EVERYTHING IS STRAIGHT UP AMAZING BRO. Please, continue will your good work. ( :


Can i choose my gender?


Yes you can!

😭I thought I could date Taro 


Taro is more of a funny talking pet than a bachelorette


Hi, quick question! Are there going to be/are there already any platonic routes planned? I'm aroace and romance is definitely not my thing, but I will say that I'm super interested in the game so far and even if there aren't any platonic routes, I'll likely still play it! Thank you so much for making such wonderful content!


We do have platonic routes planned yes!


Drowsy Drake you make the best game please continue you work please you cant take you time while you make you work and i cant wait to date Atlas no joke he is cute af i want to hug him cant wait to see what happens next love the comdy to i want more game like this but i know there is only a few games like this it is kida sad when you think about it but i got to be hopeful that there will be more of this game so take your time makeing this game :)



Looks fun


Hi, I’m not a 100% sure what the etiquette regarding Itch comments is, so I hope it’s okay that I leave a review kind of thing.


Going into a game called Cryptid Crush I was expecting like a run of the mill kind of visual novel style game apart from cryptids but oh man was I surprised! The battle mechanic is really neat, I think the TTRPG point and rolling system is SO much fun and I haven’t really seen it done like this before. I feel like there might be some balancing issues with the moves and their effects and how karma works in the future, but obviously that’s just the first chapter so I’m assuming the monsters are supposed to be easy and some moves can’t really be exploited too much thanks to the stamina system. I’m no expert when it comes to that kind of stuff since I just finished the game so I haven’t really analyzed it that deeply and I could be completely wrong because it’s way too early to really know that. But like, I’m just rephrasing some notes I left for myself while playing the game.

Besides the battle system being incredibly cool, the UI for it is also sick. It’s cool that you can open the menu with right mouse click (even though I constantly keep opening it by accident lol) so you can play the game with just a mouse. I do however wish that during the parts of the battle when there’s no dialogue, you could still have the little button on the left of the screen that opens the options for different menu stuff. Also, in battle, it would be cool to be able to go back to selecting which character you want to act with by clicking somewhere outside of the little boxes that open up! Clicking “Go Back” is not a big deal but I feel like not having to do that could be a small quality of life change.


And continuing from that, before I get to the part where I gush about this game, I have a few more notes/suggestions regarding some aspects of the game.

  • The player character’s battle icon always displays a hair pin and glasses regardless of the customization options used
  • I think it would be cool if there was an easier way to change your name and pronouns. It’s kind of a hassle to notice mid battle that you picked pronouns you didn’t mean to pick and having to go to main menu, click start, talk to mothman, ask him to change them, and then restart the chapter. It’s definitely the right way to go for stat changes in my opinion though.
  • I also think you shouldn’t have to rewrite your name each time you wished to switch pronouns
  • If the name/pronoun options were in the in-game menu, it could also display the currently used name and pronouns, it would be nice to be able to check them. Also, I think it would be cool if you could have a slightly longer name
  • Oh, also after you write your name, it would be great if there was like a “Is this correct?” kind of thing. It can be a bit frustrating to have to go through the whole dialog tree just to fix a typo.

Okay back to what I was originally wanting to say about this game. The atmosphere in Cryptid Crush is incredible. The use of colors, music, backgrounds (and how they move and are so detailed!!!), character designs, it all, is phenomenal! I took so, so many moments to just appreciate everything going on in the background of all places. I took even more pauses to just listen to the absolute banger of a soundtrack (I’m even listening to it as I write this). I love it when there’s a sound effect accompanying something someone does (and how everyone has their own dialog sound. Oh! And the partial voice acting is an amazing touch, everyone’s got the perfect voice). Other things that REALLY add to the whole vibe in this game is how the characters move. I love seeing the sprites flip and rotate and just move around the screen, it’s so fun to look at. I also really love how, well, for a lack of a better phrase, the camera cuts when someone interrupts someone. It looks so cool and adds so much to the gaming experience and atmosphere. Also, it can be really funny, I overall love the dialog and the faces/movements/sound/it all that accompanies it. I’m actually kind of at a loss for words to describe what exactly I love about it since it all just fits together seamlessly. I can’t believe I found this game on Itch by accident instead of having like a thousand people recommend it to me.


Oh! Also, about character design. It’s stunning, the art is beautiful and the style of the characters and everything else in the entire game fit together so well. I got to say, when it comes to customizing a pre-existing character, this game has the best example of that. I really enjoy that there’s only one playable character base (as is the case with most VNs) but you can customize it in little, yet so meaningful ways. Often times when it comes to VNs with character customization, they let the player customize the whole character, which in turn doesn’t let the people making the game do as much fun stuff with the character since I assume it must be a pain in the butt having to do full customization, and it really would limit how the character could emote and move etc. But having a, I’m going to call it a “character base” you can modify some small stuff on? Absolutely fantastic!! Definitely one of my favorite parts. I hope what I’m gushing about makes sense since this, for me, is a difficult thing to express as English isn’t my first language so my grammar can be a bit wonky at times.


Anyways, the rest of the characters also have such amazing designs. I even visited the game’s website to take a look at them, and oh wow! I’m in love with every single one of them. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing characters created by people that clearly hold their characters dear. Everyone looks so cool and unique! Tessie and The Lizards Man stole my heart. Some notes that I left about the characters while playing include “Atlas’ dad has got me down bad” “Oh hell yea dilf rights” (directed at both Mothman and August) “I’m going to be such a great stepdad” (August, adding a moustache on a werewolf is hands down the best character design decision anyone has ever made in the history of video games. Words cannot express how great of a character he is overall, but that is my personal bias since he’s literally perfect in every way and seeing him feels like whoever created him really gets me because that is honestly the perfect man.) and “ahsfgakfakjsghuaskbga oz!!!!” followed by several eyes emojis. I hope that manages to convey even the smallest of fractions on how much I adore these character designs.


Anyways I definitely forgot to gush about something else regarding this game, but I hope every single person making this game knows what an amazing job they’ve done. I can’t wait to play more of this!

this is a bit of a silly question, but how do you update the game once an update comes out?


just download the newest version! Saves and persistent data are stored elsewhere on your pc

thank you so much for the reply!


I honestly love this game soo much (AND OMG I HAVE SUCH A CRUSH ON ATLAS DESPITE BEING AFRAID OF BUGS--) Amazing art and grat gmeplay

This is like the "every girl is best girl" animes but a visual novel and only one of the characters is a girl. The story is very nice, the visual novel aspects (even though I'm not a bug fan of them) are cool, the character design/art looks amazing and the RPG battles are very fun! Waiting for more :D

ah I remember downloading this a while ago! I think I still have the demo in my computer, excited to see this :]

it is completed game?

The game is still in development!


I love this game! Played it until the "current" end, extremely fun! Also love the battle system and the music! Waiting for more! Also, Atlas best boy, don't @ me 

Playing on Windows 11 and after the Madhouse fight, my avatar changes back to the deafult version, but with the same voice file as before. Apart from that, loving it so far!


The game broke my computer because when I exited the game My desktop turned blue and I can't see or use anything

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Hey! So I don't know if this is where I should say this, but I did encounter a bug (I think) while playing. I saved and closed the game, but when I reopened it later and loaded my save my appearance was reset to the default.

that is a known exception, and we're currently looking into how to resolve it!


Hey, I was wondering if there was some kind of wiki where I could find how the fighting mechanics work exactly. I'm loving you're game so far, but it's a little confusing for my noodle brain, Atlas' explanation helped but i'm still confused lol. The game's awesome though, everythings so beautifuly stylised and cute. Easily my favorite Thank you for putting your work into this


We'll try having some more resources for learning the mechanics come the next update!


Really, really cool! I was SOOO upset when I realized that there's only two chapters. 
I. Need. More.

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I went as far as I could in the game and my save files all say "chapter 0". Is it maybe that the .sh version is not completely updated, do chapters not show up properly on the saves, or am I misunderstanding something?

edit: I found a comment reply from drowsy drake studios somewhere below that chapter 1 will be out sometime around June/July/August. That clarifies it.


wait.. jamie tho.. MHPH 


People in the comments are either simping for Atlas or madhouse

And I can respect that

you are damn right
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i want to smooch that damn crazy green ghost AAAAAAAAA
 atlas is also very smoochable uwu i love him

On the part where mothman asks you what cryptid you would be, I wish there was an option to choose moth. because I like moths. 



What a beautiful game, Mike is my favourite character so far.


Will we be able to date Atlas?.. Hes my fav so far!.. <33


hes adorable and i also agree


Atlas is dateable yes!


When will chapter 1 release?


We don't have a specific date pinned down but we're trying to get it out in sometime this summer!

Sounds great! Possibly strange question but, do you mean summer for the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere?


Northern. June July August



Chapter 0 is finished?

We're always making small edits! While chapter 0 is largely finished there are some small things subject to change here and there

Ok, thanks for the reply ^^

And by the way. Is it possible to upload a translation of this game with attribution?


You are free to do an unofficial translation if you'd like! 

Eventually we would like to do our own trandlstions but that won't be for a long while. As long as it maintains the links back to the original work and stuff, we have no issue.

What is a trandlstions?

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Translation. Typo

what TTRPG it is inspired by?


Monster of the Week and D&D were the two main sources of inspiration for the CC system

thanks for replying!


I can't start it for some reason.

Like it's not saying anything about not being able to start it, but it's literally just not starting.

HELP pls.

First I've heard of this issue. What platform are you trying to play on?

nvm i got it to work.


Madhouse stole my whole entire heart hot damn, this is incredible!!! 100/10 recommended however when ever I get to the Mike fight my computer lags and freezes occasionally other then that it's run smoother then butter


it keeps crashing when i do the android version


what does it mean when it's experiment for android


The android version is unstable as the game isn't fully optimized! The recommended way to play is the PC version, but we didn't want to leave it completely unable to be played on android as we develop i


I'm not even 3 minutes into this game and already blown away by how much care was put into every detail. The voice acting, the music, the saving screen, the art... So excited to complete it!!


this game is amazing. is there any way i can help with it?

They have a patreon, you can subscribe/ follow them there, I would do it myself but I don't have the money sadly :(

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